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Products Overview: BDFACSCount TM System

bd facscountA Complete System for Measuring Absolute CD4, CD8, and CD3 Counts in HIV/AIDS Patients.

Flow cytometry is the recognized gold standard for CD4 testing, and is used to stage HIV/AIDS, guide treatment decisions for HIV-infected persons, and evaluate effectiveness of therapy. It is imperative that clinicians treating HIV/AIDS patients have a cost-effective, simple, and reliable tool for CD4 testing. BD, a world leader in CD4 testing, meets these requirements with the BD FACSCount™ system. 

Precise Enumeration of Absolute CD4, CD8, and CD3 T Lymphocytes

The BD FACSCount system precisely measures absolute numbers of CD4-positive T lymphocytes, the cellular parameter most closely associated with HIV/AIDS disease progression and therapy decisions.  It gives consistent, accurate results even with low CD4 counts. In addition, absolute counts of CD3- and CD8-positive T lymphocytes, and the helper/suppressor ratio (CD4-positive:CD8-positive T lymphocytes) are measured. The BD FACSCount system offers a complete T lymphocyte panel to monitor immune status. 

Easy to Install, Set Up, and Run with Confidence

The BD FACSCount system includes an internal computer and printer. The instrument is easy to install and operates from a standard electrical outlet, requiring no hardware adjustments or calibration.  Only minimal training is needed to set up the instrument and to run samples. The operator responds to simple prompts on the display screen. There is no need for a highly skilled user to perform subjective analysis; a unique software algorithm automatically identifies the lymphocyte populations of interest, and then a patient’s results are summarized on the printed sample report. Built-in quality controls detect and flag error conditions. When quality control limits are exceeded, results are suppressed, providing confidence that a reported result is accurate. Messages on the display screen prompt the operator at all points during the sample run, from input of patient information to final results.

Reduce Sample Handling

Sample preparation is minimal. The whole blood sample preparation eliminates the red cell lyse step. Additionally, absolute counts are calculated from directly measured cell counts and reference bead counts; no additional analysis on a hematology analyzer is necessary. Reagents are pre-measured in sealed tubes. The operator adds whole blood to the reagent tube. After a gentle vortex and incubation, the samples are fixed, vortexed, and then run on the instrument.


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Products Overview: BD BACTEC 9000

bd bactec 9000ds 1875096499The Clinical Importance of High QualityBlood Culture Systems

Bloodstream infections cause substantial morbidity and mortality. Increasing rates of antimicrobial resistance, changing patterns of antimicrobial usage and the wide application  of new medical technologies may change the epidemiology and outcome of bloodstream infection.

Integrated solutions for safety during blood collection

  • Full compatibility with familiar and widely used BD Vacutainer™ Holders without the need for a special adapter when switching to other blood collection tubes:
    • Cost savings
    • Easy training and learning for nurses/phlebotomists
    • Improved workflow leads to concentration on good blood collection practices, thereby improving safety and patient results (fewer contaminants)
    • Reduced needle-stick injury (NSI) risk (no need to remove the insert which is the case with other systems)
    • Adapter might not always be available in the wards which could lead to unsafe practices and/or leakages
    • Reduced risk of spreading nosocomial infections (no need to manipulate the potentially contaminated insert)
  • Compatible with other blood collection systems without additional costs 
  • No need for special blood collection holders as with other automated blood culture systems which may not be readily available:
    • No risk that nurses will revert to unsafe blood collection practices (e.g. using needle and syringes)
    • Improved patient comfort, management and outcome
  • Wide range of BD safety blood collection products:
    • Flexibility and adaptability to every situation
    • Increased healthcare worker safety
    • Increased confidence and reduced liability


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